Best Coffee Maker With Grinder Reviews 2015


People who buy and use ground coffee will often ask "Why should I grind my own coffee?" And of course, that is a legitimate question which will be answered right here. WHY BUY A COFFEE MAKER WITH GRINDER? A coffee bean is well designed to keep it's contents safe from the elements and well … [Read more...]

Best Wood Lathe in 2015 – Wood Lathe Reviews

kitchen_Best Wood Lathe

The best wood lathe can transform your workshop! Making wood utensils Nothing quite completes the workshop the way that a lathe will. One of the most essential components to any well outfitted workshop (professional or otherwise), the right lathe – especially one of the best wood lathe for … [Read more...]

Meat Grinder Reviews: Best Meat Grinder Guide 2015


Have you ever stopped and considered all of the unnatural ingredients that may be in the meat you are purchasing at the store? This is certainly an issue that has been coming up a lot more frequently in the news. You have no idea what is going into the meat that you purchase at the store when it … [Read more...]

Best Meat Slicer- Top 5 Meat Slicer Reviews


Many people will be wondering whether investing in such a large bit of kit is really worth it, when they could just chug along with their trusty sharp knife, however the benefits go far further than convenience. Most families, especially those with young children will be spending a fortune of … [Read more...]

Range Hood Reviews: Best Range Hood Guide 2015


Most residential building codes don’t require a range hood above a cook top, however this doesn’t mean that you don’t need one. The point of a range hood is to collect airborne grease, moisture and cooking odours. Using one will prevent the amount of grease that settles on your kitchen appliances … [Read more...]