Bosch Dishwasher Reviews – Features and Performance

With over 100 years in the market, Bosch has grown to deliver amazing technological innovations in their products and services across businesses, homes and even in the transport sector. The products are environment friendly and seek to promote everyday living through better learning and working solutions. With over 65 established locations, it has provided employment to tens of thousands of communities from all walks of life. This ensures that every product receives special attention from highly qualified staff before it gets to consumer and hence the high quality. If you’re looking to buy a dishwasher from them, you should check out the best Bosch dishwasher reviews online to get more information and help you decide on your purchase.

Bosch 300 series Dishwasher

The 300 series comes with two racks. You can choose any option you want from an extra shine on your dishes, a delicate wash, delay a wash or even sanitize from the four major options provided. However, one that is notably unique is the sanitize option. This option uses heat to sanitize your dishes and is National Sanitation Foundation certified.

A red infolight at the bottom turns off when the washing is done which alerts the user to take out the done dishes. Armed with the latest art in technology, Aqua stop provides leak protection to avoid damage by water and also reduce wastage of the resource. This means more efficiency and conservative. The Bosch 300 series has a low decibel level of noise at 46.

Bosch 500 series

The 500 series comes fitted with the info light. Just as in the 300 series, it alert the user on the progress of the task.

In addition to the other features, it comes with an additional half load option which save on water consumption and time cycles. This comes in handy while one has smaller or lightly oiled dishes. This series also pack an extra adjustable/flexible third rack. Tines which are adjustable lets you deepen the holding spaces on the rack. This series is considered a spacious one too. You can check out some 500 series reviews to get more info.

Bosch 800 series

At Bosch, when you spend more, you get more. This is clearly evident with the 800 series. More foldable tines are available on this series. This means, more space, more flexibility and higher capacity.

With this series, things only get quieter with some below 42 decibels. One can easily mistake with the machine being off during its quiet cycles. With its smartphone compatibility, one can easily operate it with the new Bosch app anywhere, any time without necessarily being near it. No need to press any buttons or turn any knobs. The 800 series comes with a capacitative touch screen making it modern and stylish.

What’s new? 

Coming from an era where noise was the order of the day while operating a dishwasher, Bosch has made remarkable improvements in insulating sound on their dishwashers.

Easy Glide 

Bearing wheels roll the racks while loading and also reduces noise and marks a major improvement too. Introduction of the Speed 60 function which allows speedy wash in 60 minutes or less is convenient if you are in a rush.

Perhaps one of the major game changers is the Bosch MyWay rack on particular models. This eases the housing of deeper items and still leaves room for pots on the lower rack. Last but not least is the internet connectivity option. Though not available on all models, it is one of the most promising developments in the Bosch line of product and services.

Whichever Bosch dishwasher you chose, you can be sure to enjoy watching your TV and listening to your music without worrying about you dirty dishes and unnecessary noises.