Pairing Countertops With Flooring

In the world of kitchen design, there is an unwritten rule of matching countertops with flooring. Is there that much thought that goes into pairing colors so these two elements aren’t conflicting with each other? Here are some helpful tips that you can use to decide which colors go best when remodeling your kitchen.

Tips For Pairing Flooring With Countertops

Black countertop in kitchen

Many professionals will advise that countertops and flooring colors should match, but the simple truth to the matter is that this isn’t always the case. You do need to have some balance when choosing the best colors and a lot of this matching has to do with the overall contrast. This might sound strange at first but contrast plays a big part in your overall kitchen design. It helps you differentiate between surfaces by using slightly different color schemes.

Choose Similar Colors

Since you don’t want everything to magically blend in, it helps to select floor and countertop colors that are related but not specifically the same exact color. While you can use high contrast colors such as white and dark grey, it’s better to select light colors that are often one or two shades different from each other.

Blending Tones To Help Match Cabinets

Cabinet colors will often help define the best color to select for countertop space if you have wooden-colored cabinets. This contrast works best when you pair wood colors with earthen tones such as beige or cream colors but not always limited to classic white colors either. It often depends on what colors will best match should you decide to replace your cabinets at a later time.

Kitchens With Accent Colors

With many kitchens that have cabinets and backsplashes that show off highly decorative colors, you want to create a separation between these tones. These in turn will help define specific zones where colors are seen but aren’t being disturbed which helps break up any potential for the same colors being repeated throughout your kitchen. Additionally, accent colors aren’t just limited to cabinets as these can be used on faucets, lamps, and cabinet pulls.

Do These Colors Need To Match Other Rooms?

Much like a jigsaw puzzle, your home is a collection of different rooms that will likely have their own distinct look and style. This is why you won’t need to match your kitchen floors or countertops to other rooms. Unless you have an adjoining room that connects to the kitchen, you might want to keep the color scheme similar depending on the style you’ve chosen so overall it’s not too critical to stick with the same exact flooring or other colors.

What About Kitchen Islands?

This is one area of your kitchen that is often central to any kitchen design. It’s going to be the centerpiece of your kitchen so of course, the countertops need to match the surrounding floors. Kitchen island countertops also should closely match runner countertops along the edges of kitchen cabinets. If you choose to have different colored tops, these will need to be similar for all neighboring countertops. It’s always best to stick within the overall color selection that you like

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