Reasons Food Can Affect Your Sleep

If you are someone that is having trouble sleeping, your diet might be impacting your sleeping patterns more than you know. There are plenty of different foods that can negatively or positively impact your quality of sleep. Below, we will go over a few reasons food can impact your sleep.

Reasons Food Can Impact Your Sleep:

  1. Caffeine.

One of the reasons some food like chocolate can impact your sleep is through caffeine content. You want to try to avoid eating chocolate or anything that contains chocolate at night because it can cause you to get energized which is something that can inhibit your ability to fall asleep. This is especially true if you are caffeine sensitive.

  1. Sugar.

Another reason a lot of food might negatively impact your ability to sleep is through sugar consumption. If you take in too much sugar at night, it is likely to cause you to either be unable to fall asleep properly or to keep you from being able to achieve a restful state. Regardless, you should avoid eating too much sugar throughout the day and especially at night when it can negatively affect your sleep the most.

  1. Tryptophan.

This is perhaps one of the best things that you can get in your body at night if you are someone that has a difficult time falling asleep. This is why you typically feel sleepy after a Thanksgiving meal because turkey contains a lot of tryptophan which is an amino acid that can make you drowsy. Therefore, if you are ever craving a late night snack, you might consider eating turkey because it will certainly put you in the mood to sleep.

  1. L-Theanine.

Another amino acid that can help to put you in a much better state to achieve a good night’s sleep would be L-theanine. This is an amino acid that is going to allow you to minimize your anxiety. This is regularly found in green tea. Therefore, green tea might be a good thing to drink right before bed. While it does contain some caffeine, it is generally not going to be too much to inhibit you from being able to fall asleep.

  1. Acid Reflux.

One of the problems that many people have if you are consuming food late at night is dealing with acid reflux symptoms. If you are someone that suffers from this, you might notice that certain foods trigger the symptoms more so than others. You should be avoiding these as they can reduce the quality of your sleep.

Overall, there are all kinds of ways the things we eat can negative or positively impact our ability to fall asleep and to remain asleep. You want to try to figure out what you might be eating or drinking when you are looking to find ways to improve your ability to sleep and your overall quality of sleep. If you notice that certain foods give you acid reflux or cause you to be unable to fall asleep for whatever reason, you should note it down and avoid these foods in the future. After, avoiding all foods that cause discomfort visit and grab yourself a brand new mattress with a coupon. This will help you get better and longer sleep.